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Tired of muddling through migraines, irregular periods, digestive issues, acne and everything else you’ve been dealing with? Not willing to take birth control as the inexplicable one-size-fits-all approach to balancing your hormones? Ready to get to the root of your symptoms instead of slapping on bandaid after bandaid?

The team at The Women’s Health RN is committed to identifying the root-cause of your hormonal imbalance and creating a custom protocol to help you achieve (and sustain) your total health.

Ginny, Womens Health RN
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Meet The Women’s Health RN Team

Ginny, Owner of Womens Health RN

GINNY NOCE MS, RN, CNC, Certified FEMM Instructor

Ginny founded The Women’s Health RN fueled by her personal mission to help women learn how to optimize their hormonal health through functional nutrition and cycle charting (FEMM). After seven years of frustrating experiences in seeking traditional medical advice for her own hormonal imbalance — Ginny became impassioned by the idea of ensuring as many women as possible would be saved from wasting time and resources walking down the same path.

Through years of research, education, training, and experience practicing as a nurse in a women’s health and fertility clinic — Ginny learned how hormonal health is connected to a variety of symptoms and what the root-cause of hormonal imbalances are. Unlike most traditional medical providers, Ginny’s approach to fixing the symptoms these imbalances present as are grounded in principles of Functional Medicine and a food-first philosophy.

Master’s Degree in Human Nutrition & Functional Medicine from the University of Western States

Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Franciscan University

Registered Nurse (RN)

Certified FEMM Fertility Awareness Instructor

Institute of Functional Medicine Advanced Practice Hormone Module

Functional Nutrition Practitioner Institute Mentorship by Nutrition By Robyn

Clinicians Code Mentorship by Metabolic Fitness

FEMM’s Medical Management Training

LEIGH CARROLL MS, RN, NBC-HWC, Certified FEMM Instructor

After years of watching her patients suffer from preventable illness, Leigh realized there was more she could be doing as a nurse to help her patients delay, improve, and even prevent their disease trajectories. This realization led her to pursue her passion for nutrition and the “food as medicine” approach through additional education and training.

Inspired by her personal journey of regaining a regular menstrual cycle post hormonal birth-control, Leigh continued to define her niche in women’s health and fertility and has worked for several years as an RN and Health Coach for a restorative reproductive medicine clinic.


Leigh loves empowering women by guiding them to better understand their beautiful, yet complicated, female bodies and take charge of their health by adopting a holistic approach to mind, body and spirit.

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Master’s Degree in Nutrition for Health and Human Performance from Lasell University

Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Salve Regina University

Registered Nurse (RN)

National Board-Certified Health and Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC)

Certified FEMM Fertility Awareness Method Instructor

Institute for Integrative Nutrition Gut Health Course

Women's Hormone Specialist

How to work with the women’s health RN

1:1 Functional Nutrition Coaching

A 4-month 1:1 hormone health coaching relationship complete with functional medicine lab testing to provide a data-informed game plan to help you see the results you’re after.

Individual Blood Work Video Review

A one-time personal and customized video review of your lab work (ordered by the Women’s Health RN) and a written, personalized protocol to help you achieve your goals.

Hormone Academy

This group program is a step-by-step process to help you understand your body and hormones, discover what it means to heal your hormone + gut health, and create sustainable habits for long term results.

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