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Bachelorette- but make it healthy.

Bachelorette- but make it healthy.

Last weekend I was my best friend of almost 13 years bachelorette party in Charleston, SC and we had a total of 10 ladies join us for the weekend. 

Now here’s what I see at most bachelorette parties or even just vacations:

  • Breakfast: Bagels, pastries, orange juice, maybe some eggs & bacon
  • Lunch: deli meat sandwiches on white bread
  • Dinner: Out to eat, or burgers & hot dogs, pasta, or pizza (think: takeout foods)
  • Drinks: sugary alcoholic drinks & soda

This way of eating lacks fiber, adequate protein, & overall nutrients while simultaneously spinning your blood sugar, increasing her inflammation, & wrecking your hormones. Which is why so many people when they get back from bachelorette weekends or vacations feel:

  • Extremely tired
  • Bloated AF
  • Moody/irritable 
  • Their next period is rougher (more painful, more PMS) than usual
  • Their skin starts to break out
  • Overall, inflamed

Basically- you just feel like sh**

Now, call it luck or call it fate but as my mom like to say: “Your vibe attracts your tribe” 

And my tribe, like me, values eating healthy in order to feel their best. 

So, when I was planning the bachelorette menu with my other friend, it was a no-brainer that we would be creating a menu that was not only going to be delicious but also leave everyone feeling GOOD. 

And of course, I am the Women’s Health RN so I wasn’t going to let all my girlfriends just wreck their hormones all weekend 😉 


Friday Night: Greek Bowls

  • Sauteed chicken is hella seasoning
  • Veggies: tomatoes, cucumber
  • Jasmine rice
  • Toppings: hummus, feta, taziki sauce, avocado

**these were a hit + so easy to put together! I also would have added dark leafy greens to these bowls but forgot 

** we also brought our own extra virgin olive oil to cook in so we wouldn’t have to use any gross canala/vegetable oils they may have had at the air bnb

Saturday Morning: 

  • Suja Uber Greens juice
  • Coffee with a low sugar dairy free creamer (We used Chobani!)
  • Scrambled eggs
  • Bacon
  • Berries
  • Simple Mills banana bread 
  • Avocado
  • Sourdough bread 

** we didn’t bring this but something else that would also be great/easy is Greek yogurt paired with pb + granola + berries! 

Saturday Lunch (post beach)- Charcuterie lunch + Leftovers from , Greek salad

  • Prosciutto, salami, etc
  • Organic cheese 
  • Grapes
  • Simple Mills crackers
  • Siete tortilla chips
  • Greek bowl leftovers: chicken, avocado, tomatoes, cucumber, hummus, feta, taziki sauce 

Saturday Night: Dinner: OUT 

I and a few others got a ceasar salad + meatballs while others got some delicious freshly-made pizzas! 

We also all split the MOST DELICIOUS piece of chocolate cake I have ever had. 


  • Leftovers / same from the previous morning 
  • Brunch out 


  • Chomps meat sticks
  • Simple mills crackers
  • Justin Dark Chocolate PB cups
  • Berries + grapes
  • Granola
  • Peanut butter
  • Carrots
  • I brought a bag of roasted Chickpeas for myself because I am obsessed with them


  • water bottles 
  •  sparkling water (also used as mixers)
  • High noons
  • Gin & tonics

Is this a ground-breaking super complex menu? Lol, no. 

But what does it have?

Adequate protein for healthy & stable blood sugar throughout the day (chicken, deli meats, cheese, Chomp sticks) ✅

Healthy fats (avocado, eggs, cheese) ✅

Good sources of fiber (fruit, hummus, avocado, veggies, sourdough bread) ✅

Low in extremely processed foods & sugar and used healthier alternatives (Simple Mills bread mix + crackers, Siete tortilla chips) ✅

Somethings I did in addition to the above to feel my best:

  • Brought my Pickleball & Adrenal Cocktail Powder by Jigsaw to use as daily mineral mocktails (these are available via my practitioner supplement portal here)
  • Did 20-30 minutes of movement daily via using The Sculpt Society App
  • Diligent about my supplements (here is this post with all the deets on what I am taking this pregnancy) 

It’s so wonderful to have friends who also want to prioritize their health. It’s not just wonderful, but I think it is also necessary. Why?

Studies have actually found that someone is 3.5x more likely to become obese, if they have friends who are also obese. 

And while, health isn’t just about weight, this is just an example of how your social connections are having major influences on your overall health. 

It makes sense that it’s extremely hard to prioritize your own health goals if you have friends that are not trying to live the same diet & lifestyle. It can make the pursuit of balancing your hormones or using food as medicine for your symptoms feel isolating. 

For example, when I wanted to get in my 20 minute workout in my friends responses consistent of:

“Wow, good for you!”

“Maybe I’ll join you!”

As opposed to negative responses like (which I have heard in the past while being around those who weren’t on board with a healthy lifestyle):

“Do you really have to workout right now?”

“Wow way to make us all feel bad by not working out”

Your friends should not only respect any decision you make to better your health, but they should also encourage & support you. 

If this is not your situation, then it may be time to start looking for some new friends that will be able to provide you with this type of friendship. 

If you’re reading this and you’re feeling like-

“Wait- I want to learn how to be able to eat healthy while on vacation (and also be able to enjoy some ice cream) so I don’t feel bloated in my bathing suit”


“Yeah, this summer was a bit crazy, I didn’t prioritize my health, and now I am READY to change in order to start feeling GOOD again”

Then this is where my program, Hormone Academy, comes in (which BTW, all my friends are enrolled in😂). 

This program is designed to balance your hormones & get to the root cause of your symptoms (PMS, bloating, acne, anxiety, irregular periods) by teaching you exactly how to nourish your body with food, without long-term restriction. 

Not only that- but if will also give you access to a community of women (including myself 😉 ) who are also striving to live a life that support their hormones & overall health!


We are starting this AUGUST 17th (only 9 spots left!)! Click here for more details!

p.s. I am now accepting 1:1 clients for September! My 4 Month 1:1 coaching is for those who feel like they are already doing “all the health things” yet are still struggling. Or for those who have specific concerns and aren’t interested in a group program. In these 4 months we dive deeper into your symptoms with functional testing to actually get to the root cause.

You can book a free discovery call here for more details for 1:1 coaching. 

Wishing you happy hormones, 


Disclaimer: The information provided by Womens Health RN LLC is for informational and educational purposes only. It is not intended as a substitute for the advice provided by your medical professional. Always consult with your primary care provider or health care practitioner for personalized advice and recommendations. If you have or suspect that you have a serious medical condition, contact your health care provider immediately. 

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