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Your Questions - Answered - From A Hormone Speciaist

Breaking the mold of traditional medicine and working with a hormone specialist and functional medicine practitioner can be intimidating — but it doesn’t have to be!

To help make the “logistics” part of your journey into functional medicine seamless — we’ve put together a list of our FAQs and helpful information.

Absolutely! While I may have some differing opinions from your typical OBGYN, I am also open to working with other members of your healthcare team to take an integrative and collaborative approach to your health.

All sessions are done online via Zoom. All protocols and chat access are through a secure client portal, Practice Better.

We do not currently accept insurance; however, you can utilize your HSA and/or FSA card to cover the cost of our services.

Our current fee schedule is listed below:

– 1:1 Functional Nutrition Coaching: $3,600

– Individual Bloodwork Review Video: $999

HSA/FSA cards are accepted and 4, 6, or 8 month payment plans are offered.

Yes! Whether you’re struggling with PCOS, unexplained infertility or you’re looking to prepare your body for pregnancy, the Women’s Health RN can help. In order to conceive, you need optimal hormonal health and that’s what we specialize in.

We cannot 100% guarantee results, however, we can guarantee that no matter what, through working with us you will develop the ability to better understand your body and how to nourish it appropriately. We can also guarantee our 110% support to you and your health.

After 24 hours, a 50% refund is offered until 4 weeks after purchase. Following 8 weeks a 25% refund is available. After 8 weeks, no refund is available.

For Video Review a full refund is offered until labs are drawn. Following labs being drawn, no refund is available.

To request a complimentary Discovery Call, click the button below.