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Ready to feel like this?

Hormone Academy

A Program designed to help you to finally balance your hormones and optimize your health so that you can feel confident in your body.

Hormone Academy will:

  • Take the guess work out of how to balance your hormones
  • Save you the time & energy of spending hours on google researching how to fix your symptoms
  • Teach you exactly how to eat, without long-term restrictive dieting, to feel your best on a daily basis
  • Help you finally feel good in your body so you can focus more on the things you love
  • Teach you the physiology of your body so you understand exactly why THIS WORKS. 
Ginny, Womens Health RN

Are you tired of dealing with:

  • Painful periods
  • Moodiness 
  • Breast Tenderness
  • Bloating 
  • Stomach pain
  • Brain fog
  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Acne
  • Sleep disruptions
  • Poor relationship with food 
  • PMS 
  • Irregular cycles

….And all the annoying symptoms that it seems we just have to “deal with” as women?

Are you more tired of feeling overwhelmed with all the information on the internet about how to help your symptoms and optimize your hormonal health?

When it comes to balancing your hormones, regaining your energy and optimizing your health – there’s a better way. 


  1. What exactly to eat to achieve healthy hormones
  2. How to nourish your body through food, without giving up the things you love
  3. How to create a balanced & sustainable lifestyle that support your hormonal health
  4. How to eat & recommended supplements to heal your gut in order to address your bloating, constipation, or other GI issues
  5. How to trouble shoot certain symptoms like acne,  insomnia, or premenstrual migraines/headaches
  6. How your hormones & body work in order to teach you the “why” behind your diet & lifestyle choices
  7. Mindset tools to help you implement the diet & lifestyle pieces and make them a permanent part of your life, for lasting results
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Over the course of 10 weeks, you’ll receive weekly pre-recorded learning modules to provide you with the understanding and tools you need to take control of your health. Following each module, you’ll hop on to your community dashboard to submit any questions you have regarding the content. Bi-Weekly LIVE Q&A’s with Ginny will be held to answer questions and navigate any challenges. In addition to getting your questions answered, you’ll learn from a community of women with similar challenges and benefit from the support and encouragement of your group. 

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Content Includes

  • We will kick off this program by diving into hormone physiology so you can understand the WHY behind your diet & lifestyle changes
  • You’ll also get a comprehensive roadmap to kickstart your hormone & gut healing with the 14 DAY RESET
  • Mindset training will teach you HOW to ACTUALLY start making nutrition & lifestyle changes 
  • Week 2 is all about implementing the 14 Day Reset Diet while focusing on mindset shifts on HOW to ACTUALLY start making nutrition & lifestyle changes as well as practical tips to implementing diet & lifestyle changes.
  • As a certified fertility awareness instructor, Ginny will teach you the ins & outs of your cycle and its importance to your overall health. Learn what the heck is going on at the hormone level, how to chart your cycle via your natural biomarkers & what your cycle patterns are currently saying about your health.
  • This week will dive into a major pillar of hormone health: blood sugar balance
  • These modules will not only teach you what to eat to support your blood sugar but also HOW to eat (meal timing, how much you should be eating, etc)
  • This week will dive into pillar number 2  of hormone health: gut health 
  • These modules will teach you how exactly gut health is connected to your hormone health as well as how to eat, nourish, support, and heal your gut.
  • This week will teach you all about managing your stress and nourishing your nervous system- which is essential for happy & healthy hormone function
  • You’ll learn how to support your stress with specific nutrition tips & lifestyle changes
  • Now that you’ve learned how to chart your cycle (taught in Week 3), you’ll now learn exactly what your cycle patterns are saying about your hormonal health.
  • There is no doubt toxins play a major role in hormonal imbalances. This is why healthy detoxification is necessary for balanced hormones, healthy periods, and overall functioning. This week will teach you what foods you can use to support your detox pathways as well as lifestyle changes to reduce toxin exposure.
  • This week you’ll learn how to optimize your exercise routine to support your hormonal health!
  • This week we will be wrapping up with how to continue to incorporate these changes into your daily life and sustain the progress you’ve made so you can continue to feel your best.
  • This week will include further protocols on how to manage specific symptoms

Every week you’ll receive:

  • Email Notifications of What Modules to Watch
  • Weekly Check-In Form
  • Cheatsheet of “Weekly To Do’s”
    • AKA the Sparknotes version of what’s contained inside the modules and easy action steps to incorporate what you’ve learned
  • Journal Prompts to support your journey to long term success
  • Option to submit questions prior to live Q&A
  • Link to Live Q&A Calls hosted via Zoom (45-60 minutes)
    • But don’t worry- each bi-weekly’s call will be recorded in case you aren’t able to attend

Everything Included:

  • LIFETIME Access to all prerecorded modules, including all recorded Q&A calls
  • 14 Day Hormone Reset Guide & Meal Plan PDF
  • Additional 4 Week Meal Plan for Happy Hormones
  • Access to the Hormone Academy Community
    • Bonus Module: How To Navigate Eating Out & The Holidays
    • Bonus Module: How to Use Cycle Charting to Achieve/Avoid Pregnancy Naturally
    • Bonus Module: Optimizing Fertility: Why Egg & Sperm Quality Matter + Tips to Support Increasing Progesterone Naturally
    • Bonus Module: Tips to Supporting Acne


PRICE: $999

Payment plans available and as low as $199.  HSA/FSA cards also accepted. 

Are you ready to balance your hormones & finally take charge of your health instead of just managing your symptoms?

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*If after following the Hormone Academy Group Program you are still struggling with symptoms or conditions, need more support to implement change, or would simply like deeper evaluation using functional medicine lab testing you will have the option to apply the cost of the program ($999) to my 1:1 services*

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