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My Story- How The Women’s Health RN came to be!

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My Story- How The Women’s Health RN came to be!

So- why do I care so much about women’s health & hormone imbalances? 

Well, I will try to give you the spark notes version.  

It all started with:
– wanting to lose weight
– clear my skin
– have regular 💩 

I was a high schooler who was breaking out regularly, trying to lose 10 lbs, and was taking laxatives weekly in order to poop.  

Essentially, these issues lead me down the rabbit hole of conventional medicine approaches like: 
– appointments with the gastroenterologist telling me to eat more cheerios & take miralax daily
– my PCP putting me on birth control for me acne
–  eating 1200 calories per day & run 1-2 miles daily to lose weight 

And these things worked…. kinda.  

I did lose weight, but my digestive issues kept getting worse, and my acne was fine as long as I stayed on the pill.  But overall, I just felt like crap. So, I decided to ditch the pill cold turkey.  

And that’s when s*** hit the fan 😅 

My face exploded into full on cystic, inflamed acne, my cycles never came back regular, & I was STILL needing miralax daily in order to go to the bathroom.  

Finally, after another 2 years of struggling I was finally diagnosed with PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) and given 3 options:
– go back on birth control

– start spironolactone

– do a keto diet I was a mess, I didn’t want to go back on medication/birth control

…..I thought “There HAS TO be a better way!?” 

And low and behold- there was. This is when I found food as medicine. 

I’ll spare you all the diets & supplements I first tried/attempted when I first become my journey to using food as medicine. But even though I was experimenting with different diets, all of them were focused on whole foods, and my symptoms slowly and surely got better. My improvements in symptoms lead to my deep & burning passion for all things nutrition & women’s health.  

Some huge catalysts from here were:

– Finding Dr. Jolene’s Brightens “Beyond The Pill” Book

– Learning about cycle charting through  FEMM and eventually worked for them as their lead nurse in their endocrinology/fertility Telehealth clinic & become a certified Fertility Awareness Instructor 

– Diving deeper into a functional medicine and learning about taking a root cause approach- this lead me obtaining my Master’s Degree in Functional Medicine & Human Nutrition from the University of Western’s States

After years & years of struggling and researching endlessly, I can now tell you that: 
– My skin is 99% clear & I only have the occasional break

– My digestive health is 💯💯. I haven’t struggled with constipation or bloating for over 2 years.

– I regulated my cycles, put my PCOS in remission, & was able to get pregnancy naturally twice (currently pregnant & due in Oct. with baby #2)! 
My skin in 2018
Screen Shot 2023-06-29 at 9.11.03 AM

My skin now
I am here to tell you that if you’re struggling with similar symptoms – there IS A BETTER WAY to solving them then more birth control, medication, and other band-aid solutions. 

My own experience has lit a fire under my a$$ to spread this information to as many women as possible because I want to spare them the whole saga & years of guessing I went through.  I want to give you the tools to start feeling better NOW not continue to guess until maybe something works for you in a few years.   

This is why I created: 

1. ✨Hormone Academy Group Program✨ launching this August. 

In my group program, Hormone Academy, we will be focusing on the pillars that are needed for healthy hormones such as balanced blood sugar, superior gut health, managing stress and lowering inflammation. All things that are FOUNDATIONAL for almost any symptom you have whether it be chronic bloating/constipation, to acne or irregular cycles!! We are starting this AUGUST. Click here for more details ! 

2. ✨1:1 Coaching Program

 My 4 Month 1:1 coaching is for those who feel like they are already doing “all the health things” yet are still struggling. Or for those who have specific concerns and aren’t interested in a group program. In these 4 months we dive deeper into your symptoms with functional testing to actually get to the root cause. 

You can book a free discovery call here for more details for 1:1 coaching.(currently booking for August)  

Wishing you Happy Hormones,


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