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Balancing hormones with food​.

You’re over the Instagram “experts” telling you that the only way to manage your hormones is to cut multiple food groups and restrict your diet. You’re not into the whole “birth control” as a means to regulate your cycle, clear up your acne, or restart your system. And you’re totally done with the vicious cycle of managing flare ups and living life less than your best.

When it comes to your hormonal health — at The Women’s Health RN, we promise you: 

There’s a better way.

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You can do more than “survive” your symptoms – you can thrive.

Our custom-tailored, one-on-one nutrition coaching is designed to identify and address the root-cause of your nagging symptoms — to help you heal from the inside out, once and for all.

Just becuase something is common, doesn’t mean it’s “normal”.

Our one-on-one, root-cause, food-first approach to balancing hormones is for you if you’re tired of:

– Constant, inexplicable bloat after eating meals

– Irregular periods that make cycle tracking impossible

– Persistent acne that doesn’t respond to medical grade skincare regimens

– Feeling tired or depleted — no matter how much rest you get

– Digestive trouble ranging from constipation to diarrhea

– Traditional medical practitioners dismissing your symptoms and/or positioning birth control as the answer to all of your problems

– Trying numerous “remedies” for Infertility and PCOS, to no avail

Balancing Hormones Through Root-Cause Nutrition via Our Two Services:

No. 1

1:1 Functional Nutrition Coaching

No. 2

Individual Blood Work Video Review

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1:1 Functional Nutrition Coaching

A 4-month 1:1 hormone health coaching relationship complete with a 26-point blood panel and GI-MAP designed to provide a data-informed game plan to help you see the results you’re after.


A Good Fit For:

– The woman starting her journey toward balancing her hormones with functional medicine who’s in need of a high-touch experience with a provider who will help explain the ins and outs of hormonal health.

– The woman who craves a prescriptive plan forward and the accountability that comes with an ongoing, one-on-one relationship.

– The woman who’s confident in her knowledge of hormonal health, but needs help pulling it altogether and putting a plan of action in place.


What’s Included:

This 1:1 Coaching is designed not only to dig deep into the possible root causes driving your hormonal imbalances, but also to provide you with the support necessary to implement nutrition and lifestyle changes for lasting results.

– The program starts with an initial consultation with the Women’s Health RN founder, Ginny Noce, MSN, RN. This in-depth consultation will be 60-90 minutes in length. This is where your main goals are discussed, an initial protocol is started, and labs are ordered.

– You will also meet our functional dietitian, Katherine, for 30 minutes to ensure you have the support and guidance you need to make the nutrition & lifestyle changes a reality in your life.

– You’ll also begin diving into the self-paced videos which cover nutrition basics like essential nutrients to be focusing on, how to read food labels, mindset towards nutrition (aka ditching the “all or nothing” approach), and all about how to balance your blood sugar.

– This month will be focused on reviewing your results from your lab tests and developing a tailored protocol.

– Appointments: 

  • In depth Lab Review with Ginny (75 minutes) to discuss your results and targeted root-cause protocol.
  • 30 minute check-in with Katherine, RD

– You’ll continue watching self-paced modules, including learning how to track your cycle biomarkers through FEMM’s fertility awareness method and what these indicate about your hormonal and overall health.

– Month three will focus on assessing your progress, answering questions, continuing to fine tuning your protocol, and helping you turn your new strategies into long term positive changes.

– Appointments:

  • 45 minute follow-up with Ginny
  • 30 minute check-in with Katherine, RD

– Month 4, we will continue to advance your progress, provide individualized support, and continue to fine tune your protocol as needed. This month is all about celebrating your successes and helping you build the confidence to make positive choices and support your health and wellness.

– We will focus on progress toward your goals set at the initial appointment and make any adjustments, work through motivation strategies and set you up for continued success.

– We’ll also cover what supplements to continue/discontinue and lifestyles practices to continue to support your healing. Extension options are available if needed.

– Lab testing: 26-point blood panel and GI-Map Stool Test

– Unlimited chat access to Ginny & Katherine during the 4 months.

– Meal plan guides, recipe ideas, and other resources to support your healing process.

– Access to bonus self-paced modules.

Investment: $3,600

All labs included: a $5,000 value.

HSA/FSA cards are accepted and 4, 6, or 8 month payment plans are offered.

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Other Ways to Work With Our Team…..

Individual Blood Work Video Review

A one-time personal and customized video review of your lab work (ordered by the Women’s Health RN) and a written, personalized protocol to help you achieve your goals.

– The woman who is dipping her toe into functional medicine and is not yet ready to invest in a long-term, one-on-one relationship with a practitioner.

– The woman who has a solid understanding of hormonal health and functional medicine — but needs access to a baseline assessment of her lab work.

– The woman who needs a personal protocol created for her — but doesn’t necessarily require an ongoing, accountability relationship to implement it.

– Blood chemistry and hormonal labs (to be done at a local Labcorp location)

– An assessment of your 3-day diet and lifestyle journal (to be provided)

– One 60-minute, pre-recorded review of your labs, diet, and symptoms — plus steps to begin optimizing your health.

– 10% Discount on professional grade supplement.

– 1-month chat access to answer any clarification questions regarding your protocol

This option is NOT available for those who live in NY or NJ due to laws in these states.

Fee: $999 — labs included, $1,500 value.