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Bachelorette- but make it healthy.

Last weekend I was my best friend of almost 13 years bachelorette party in Charleston, SC and we had a total of 10 ladies join us for the weekend.  Now here’s what I see at most bachelorette parties or even just vacations: This way of eating lacks fiber, adequate protein, & overall nutrients while simultaneously […]

My Prenatal Supplements!

I obviously am giving the disclaimer that these are supplements that I have discussed with my midwife/healthcare team as to them being safe for my pregnancy and unique to my needs. Before adding/replacing dietary supplements you should always discuss this with your healthcare provider. Remember, prenatals and supplements in general are supposed to be “insurance” […]

What does the length of your cycle indicate about your hormones?

Before we can understand what the length of you cycle indicates about your hormones, we first have to know: What is defined as your “cycle”? Your cycle begins the first day of heavy, moderate, or light bleeding (spotting prior to your menstruation does not count as the beginning of your cycle) and ends the day […]